Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes provide a powerful nutritional element especially rich in beta carotene, vitamins A, C and E. Rich in antioxidants that can help prevent heart disease, boost the immune system and even the aging process reatardar to provide good vision and healthy skin.

Here tenenmos more examples of nutritional superiority of sweet potato:

– Sweet potatoes lack of fat and cholesterol.
– They are low in sodium.
– When eaten unpeeled have more fiber than oatmeal.
– Sweet potatoes provide other essential nutrients including potassium, iron, and vitamin B-6.
– Each medium sweet potato has about 130 calories.

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Production and marketing of sweet potato
During the growth phase of a comprehensive monitoring both the plant and the ground it is made. Also counting the final product with strict controls to ensure the good quality of our products.

Thanks to the efforts and collaboration with our partners we have managed to produce and sell sweet potatoes throughout the year. This process would be divided into two stages:

– The first between the months of September and December. In which, sweet potato grown in the month of March, is ready for harvesting and marketing in September. For this we have an area of ​​approximately 300 hectares of crops in various parts of Andalusia.

– The second between January and July. During which we import potatoes from the leading US production company. Our supplier, gives us exclusive sales in Spain.