Our Company

Our Company

The value of family traditions

Peluche Castillo Navas S.L. is a family-owned business devoted to production and commercialization of sweet potatoes. We have been working in this field for more than 30 years. Our premises have always been responsability, service and collaboration with every professional working with us, no matter if they are suppliers, hauliers, employees or farmers. The final client will always count with a kind treatment. We feel proud of having a business with a nice and family atmosphere, because we think this is the best way to do our thing.

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TAll our clients are satisfied by the increase of their sales of this typical products, thanks our service and quality.This is why we feel very proud of counting on our clients, with companies that are on a third generation.

Even though the current agricultural sector is full of machines, our company trusts on keeping the traditional way of recollection, which is much more expensive for us. Doing the recollection like this, the sweet potato is not hitten before getting to the packing plant, which results in a better product for the costumer.

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We trade mainly in Spain. For example, we serve in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Seville and the Canary Islands. Catalonia is the first costumer.Little by little, we are getting to trade in Europe. We also serve to the United Kingdom, Germany, and, above all, France.