The avocado is a fruit with a green, buttery meat originally from Peru and Mexico and is carried by planting in the region of Axarquia decades. They are one of the most complete and healthy fruit, so you should not miss the opportunity to include in your diet and take advantage of its benefits. While it is true that if overweight should limit their consumption is very beneficial during all stages of our lives.

They are rich in Vitamin E, which are very beneficial to delay aging.
The omega-3 content in avocado cares our cardiovascular system. Avocado is rich in healthy fats (monounsaturated) and prevent harmful fats that accumulate can cause disease.

It contains folic acid, so it is highly recommended during pregnancy to prevent birth defects.

The avocado has such important vitamins like A, C, D, K and group B.

Its magnesium content favors the correct functioning of the nervous, muscular system, as well as the small intestine. It is also important for the immune system.

Avocado is rich in potassium (containing more than bananas), very important for a favorable muscle and nerve function, and avoid fluid retention.

Being rich in fiber, regulates blood sugar levels.
Besides seeds or pit it is very nutritious and instead of throwing can use their nutrients. We can make a tea with it. First we remove the brown skin that covers it with a grater and cast 1 tablespoon in a cup and add boiling water, or we can take the zest and avocado on plates made (salads, stews, etc.)

We can also take advantage of the benefits of locally applying avocado on your skin or hair. Make a paste with half an avocado and apply it on the tips of the hair. Depending on the state of your hair you can leave 30 minutes to overnight. After you remove and wash your hair as usual. It provides high gloss and body, leaving a healthy hair without frizz. The skin we can leave 20 minutes on face and neck to avoid wrinkles, spots and get a more elastic skin, nourished and youthful.



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