Mango is native to India and now its cultivation has spread to warm climates such as Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Egypt, South Africa and Spain. There are thousands of varieties of mango, can be green, red or yellow skin; and round shapes, heart-shaped or bean, etc. The mango tree can exceed 30 meters and belongs to the family of Anacardiaceae.

Its main component is water, provides a large amount of carbohydrates increase the energy value, mango is rich in magnesium and has other minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and potassium, and vitamins such as provitamin A and vitamins E and C, very important for our body. Among the functions of vitamin A are maintained in good condition the skin, hair, bones, vision and immune system, and vitamin C help in the formation of bones and teeth, promote absorption of iron and improve resistance to infections . In addition, both vitamins function as antioxidants, ie, we can help reduce the risk of developing certain cancers.

The handle has antioxidant properties thanks to its high content of vitamin C. Very important in cases of degenerative diseases, smoking, etc. The mango is a good alternative for those who can not tolerate other sources of vitamin C such as oranges, peppers, lemons and kiwis. That supply of vitamin C will also work to have a good immune system to defend us from infections.

It is an antioxidant and anticancer. It is a fruit rich in malic acids and myristic, flavonoids such as quercetin, vitamin A and vitamin C, which help the body fight free radicals.
In case of iron deficiency anemia can improve, to be rich in vitamin C, absorption of iron.
The handle exerts diuretic effect thanks to its content of potassium, which is very beneficial to people who need to remove fluid (in some cases of obesity and hypertension). Instead, those who for some disease have too much potassium or convenient to them (renal failure, etc.) should avoid or consult your physician.
Thanks to its fiber content, it is able to prevent or improve constipation, lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and is a satisfying fruit, so it is beneficial in case of diabetes and overweight in moderate amounts.
Because it contains folic acid, the handle is an ideal place to eat during pregnancy and breastfeeding fruit in growth period, or if you make a lot of sports, thanks to its large supply of nutrients.
Mango is a fruit that is also working on weight loss diets because it is satisfying, mild laxative effect, rich in nutrients, low in fat and diuretic.

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